Here we are listing online resources relating to anarchism for those who wish to know more and also stuff that would interest people who’ve been anarchists for a while.

Information on anarchism:

An Anarchist FAQ – Frequently asked questions on Anarchism

Libcom – Anarchist internet forum with an extensive library of articles and information

Interesting articles:

The Libyan People’s Committees should be the foundation of a new life, not just an interim measure – An interview with Syrian anarchist Mazen Kamalmaz which covers subjects such as western motives for intervention in Libya and the direct democracy based Peoples Commitees running the rebel territory.

Online Documentaries:

A Place Called Chiapas – A documentary about the Zapatista uprising in Mexico.

The Free Voice of Labour – A documentary about Jewish anarchists in the US and their Yiddish language paper, The Free Voice of Labour.

Vivir la Utopia – A documentary about Spanish anarchism which includes numerous interviews with Spanish anarchists that lived through the civil war.

Land and Freedom – A Ken Loach film about a young Liverpudlian who goes to fight Fascism during the Spanish Civil War.

Anarchist publishers:

AK Press – Anarchist publishers with an extensive catalogue of books.

Freedom Press – Whitechapel based anarchist publishers who run Freedom Bookshop. They also produce a fortnightly paper, Freedom, which has been going since 1886.

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